Australian artist Vanessa Ashcroft, creates the extraordinary from the ordinary. Her paintings are exciting and unique. Using a variety of mediums and mixing different materials on canvas, wood, aluminium and paper makes for striking images. Acid, plastic scrapers, sand and wall filler are all amongst the unorthodox materials in Vanessa’s paint box, that are skilfully manipulated into evocative, memorable artwork.

Exploring mood, texture, colour and light, Vanessa’s art challenges traditional boundaries. From works on metal, through to nude paintings, landscapes in oils on canvas and her more abstract art, Vanessa has something for everyone’s taste. Unique paintings that are true conversation pieces with the power to draw in the viewer, strike a personal chord and leave you wanting more.


On Metal 

Aluminum is used as the base for paintings to create stunning wall art that literally reflects light and colour. By layering a variety of materials including bitumen, shellac, hydrochloric acid and metal paints, the images evolve through the aluminium.

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Provocative yet sophisticated art, these nude paintings are beautifully composed images that are visually pleasing and emotionally satisfying. Created in mixed media on paper, oil and canvas or works on metal with bitumen and shellac bring an exciting, eclectic perspective to this timeless, age-old subject.

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Inspired by living on Sydney Harbour, weekends spent enjoying the Hawkesbury River and journeys overseas. Painted in oils or mixed media, on paper, canvas and metal, many of the landscapes feature water, meandering through tributaries, over rock formations and rippling in the shadows of dark and light.

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Referenced in landscape and still life, this abstract art begins as figurative work then develops through overlaying colour, line texture and tone. The result is a unique, abstracted image, which remains recognisable, yet open to individual interpretation

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Enquiries and Orders

Vanessa’s artwork is refreshingly affordable and accessible. For a no obligation quotation and to find out more about how you can acquire a fabulous Ashcroft original go to the stock room.