Referenced in landscape and still life, this abstract art begins as figurative work then develops through overlaying colour, line texture and tone. The result is a unique, abstracted image, which remains recognisable, yet open to individual interpretation.

Enquiries and Orders

Vanessa’s artwork is refreshingly affordable and accessible. For a no obligation quotation and to find out more about how you can acquire a fabulous Ashcroft original…

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If you like Vanessa Ashcroft’s style, but you don’t see a painting that is quite what you want, contact Vanessa to enquire about commissioning a bespoke painting.

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Latest work

Art Adrift on Paper


Harris Courtin Gallery

City Limits


120 x 90 cm

Harris Courtin Gallery



90 x 90 cm

Harris Courtin Gallery

From the Terraces


90 x 240 cm

Harris Courtin Gallery